The Andrea M. Fuquay Memorial Scholarship

In memory of Andrea’s life as an educator and her love for children, AndreaRemembered.org is proud to help fund the Andrea M. Fuquay Memorial Scholarship Fund through the University of Southern Indiana. To date, we have raised over $297,000 in college scholarships for young men and women that have suffered the loss of a parent.

Information for Scholarship Applicants

The purpose of this scholarship is to provide tuition assistance to entry level college students who have lost a parent, and are in need of additional college funding assistance.

The scholarship fund is in conjunction with the University of Southern Indiana’s charitable giving department. Applicants must provide proof of enrollment or letter of acceptance from USI.

Information for Donors

There are many ways to give and contribute to our cause. For information on how you can help, please visit our giving page.

Board of Directors


  • Daniel C. Fuquay, President
  • Jenny Fuquay, Vice President
  • Crystal Martin, Secretary
  • Chad & Becky Massie, Treasury


  • Jon Carl
  • Gary Culver
  • Brady Kemper
  • Susan Kemper
  • Daniel M. Fuquay
  • Kirk Martin
  • John Rea
  • Suzanne Rea
  • Joe Stratman
  • Kary Wade
  • Robert Wade